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**  Modern Language Proficiency: Can-Do Strategies (ebook)
Provide your students with many practical classroom strategies to achieve the NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do proficiencies of speaking, listening, reading and writing. Half of the 74 readings focuses on speaking, the least developed skill. Learn how grammar, vocabulary, culture, the textbook and mobile devices help develop proficiency. Contains mini-assessments. The ebook contains 40,220 words, the equivalent of a 148 double spaced page book. $9.99    http://bit.ly/tsmash

** 90 Mobile Learning Modern Language Activities ebook  http://bit.ly/90mlact  Instantly use these communication and cultural activities  even  if half the class has mobile device.  Also, available as a pdf.

** Modern Language and Spanish Spontaneous Speaking Activities  http://bit.ly/tpthtuttle
Modern Language speaking activitiesFor all languages :
Visual Board Game, Spontaneous Speaking Visual Game, Role Playing 10 frames (illustrations, no words) for School, Beach, City, and Restaurant

Spanish spontaneous speaking activities (25+)
I have these Can-Do activities:
Spanish Speaking Food Cooperative Learning Can-Do Whole Class; Spanish Speaking: City Mat Can-Do Novice Mid and High; and Spanish Friend /Family Member Detailed Description – Partner Talk
– Structured Speaking (Students substitute in or select words to communicate in pairs) – Modified Speed Dating (Students ask one question from a card-whole class) – In depth Speed Dating (Students ask their partners 10 questions about each part of the topic) – Speaking Mats (Students talk using a wide variety of nouns, verbs and adjectives to express their ideas- pairs or SG)
– Spontaneous Speaking (Students talk based on visuals or topics in pairs)
– Grammar speaking games (pairs or small group).

** Modern Language  Blog  http://bit.ly/imprml  mostly for speaking and mobile modern language activities

** My Formative Assessment books (Improving Students Foreign Language Speaking Through Formative AssessmentSuccessful Student Writing Through Formative Assessment, and  Formative Assessment: Responding to Students) : http://bit.ly/tuttlebks

Education and Technology Blog  http://bit.ly/hgtblog

Twitter http://twitter.com/HarryGTuttle