Award Digital Badges for World Language Proficiency

This is a summary of my ISTE June 2015 poster session  “Award Digital Badges for World  Language Proficiency”

(ACTFL Can-Do Statements)

College Students’ Preferences for Beginning Spanish Class:
Digital Badges – 52%         Paper Certificates – 48%

Digitial Badges

– Is a waste of paper / will loose paper
– Breaks down proficiency more
– Shows what I can / can’t do; check progress
– Is more attractive
– Is more appropriate since we use Schoology

Paper Certificate
– Looks more official / credibile
– Is physical /  can touch it
– Is easier for me, limited tech at home
– Have when course / Schoologyfor course ends
– Can easily show to others
– Can post on frig

– Does digital badge physically represent the standard/ proficiency?
– Does the digital badge title accurately represent the standard/ proficiency?
– Do you give a digital badge for each standard/ proficiency or do you group standards together.  Example in World Languages, there are 57 Can-Do proficiencies,does each get its own badge?
– Are the digital badges arranged to show progress through the standards/ proficiencies?

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