Culture Trips- historical or modern day culture

On a recent trip, I met a high school student who had just returned from a  school trip to the target language country. When I told him, I was a Spanish teacher, he showed me his itinerary- three cities with visits to historic and religious buildings. As I heard him describe what he saw and did in the trip, I wondered why it was a Spanish language trip since most of what he saw was  buildings. Yes, the students and teachers spoke in Spanish but their tours were in English. The students learned about these famous buildings and the history behind them. It sounded  like a Social Studies trip.
Another thing that fascinated me was that the students had no contact with native speakers except for the tour guides. They did not have the opportunity to learn about the daily culture of today. The trip only focused on the past as seen in buildings, not the living breathing culture of today.

What type culture trips do you take with your students?

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