Reach ACTFL’s Culture Thru Ethnography & Mobile

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Good mobile traits

ACTFL’s Culture Standards

ISTE’s Culture Standards

Most students and level of most culture

Facts vs feelings


Levels of Culture


Learning about another culture
Quantify information


Fact, inference or value for a picture

Lima, Perú

Sports Analysis

One picture

Qualify information

Ethnographic questions
Weather and Location
News/TV app

Communicating with another person/people

Video chat projects



90 Mobile Learning Modern Language Activities ebook with many speaking and cultural activities
45 +Modern Language and Spanish spontaneous speaking activities for beginning students. Game like speaking-

Modern Language in-depth cultural investigation activities (4 activities in one pack)-

Foreign language formative assessment speaking book:

Modern Language Proficiency: Can-Do ebook

Internet Images for World Language Culture

Some ideas from Beers, Maggie. (2001). A media-based approach to developing ethnographic skills for second language teaching and learning. Zeitschrift für Interkulturellen Fremdsprachenunterricht [Online], 6(2), 26 pp. Available:

Instructional materials for modern languages were once limited to one-dimensional textbooks which often presented a static, unproblematic representation of the target language culture (Kramsch, 1988, 1989).

Now the Internet can deliver multi-modal texts from the target language culture that include sound, image, text, and video.

These texts, deemed “authentic” because they are intended for native speakers of the target language, are able to present a dynamic, multifaceted view of the target language culture with up-to-the-minute detail and accuracy. “

– Do your students use one-dimensional textbook cultural images or do they see many different images of a place or event?
– Do your students see and hear the culture through images, texts and videos?
– Do you use authentic images?
– Do the images show multifaceted views of the culture?
– Are the images up-to-the-minute?

May the way you use culture help students to see the oneness of the world.

For cultural activities that actively involve students go to and look under culture. Also, there are many cultural activities in 90 Mobile Learning Modern Language Activities.