Modern Language Class as a Light Bulb

I compare the modern language classroom to a  light bulb.  The light bulb burns brightly when the teacher speaks in the  modern language.  The bulb dims each time the teacher uses English. Likewise, when students communicate ideas and feelings in the target language, the bulb burns brightly. When students do low level activities such as vocabulary translation activities or do grammar for grammar’s sake, the bulb dims.

The light bulb image appeals to me since most modern language students only hear or use the modern language in the classroom. The rest of their day is in target language darkness.

How bright is your modern language class bulb?

At,  I have 30+ ready-to-use activities (about 24 for Spanish and 6 for all Modern Language) to develop student’s spontaneous speaking starting with highly structured or scaffolded speaking for beginning students. Students work in pairs to communicate and they usually assess each other in a formative assessment manner.

My ebook, Modern Language Proficiency: Can-Do Strategies is available at  It contain many activities to help students advance through the Can-Do statements with half the activities focusing on interpersonal communication/ speaking.

At, there are four modern language culture inquiry activities and one Spanish culture inquiry activity.  My ebook, 90 Mobile Learning Modern Language Activities ebook contains many communicative and cultural activities for students to do on their smartphone or tablet,


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