Greetings Using Flickr Images

Welcome to this blog to provide world language / modern language / foreign language teachers with strategies to help their students improve in their communication.

Free Flickr Images for common vocabulary collected by my students Blog,, for full info. 1) Go to, 2) click on the word Search, 3) click on Tags only, on the right side of the search box, 3) then enter spancon +(casa, clima, comida, deporte, descripcion, la hora, naturaleza, numeros, or trabajo (no accent marks)- see the blog for  the listing such as spancon +comida. No words, just pictures. Can be used in any language for quick vocabulary review using real objects and for speaking in short sentences. Click on Slideshow in upper right for pictures to show the pictures quickly or to click on certain pictures.

Sample from spancon casa (house)

Three  of many activities:
– Have students identify the room
– Have  students describe the room
– Have students tell how the room is same as /different from their own room

My Spanish spontaneous speaking activities (20+) includes Modified Speed Dating (Students ask  a question from a card), Structured Speaking (Students substitute in or select words to communicate), Role Playing (Students talk as people in pictures or drawing) and Speaking Mats (Can talk using a wide variety of nouns, verbs and adjectives to express their ideas),  Spontaneous Speaking (based on visuals or topics),  and Grammar speaking games. Available for a nominal fee at Teacherspayteachers:


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